Core Aeration

Core aeration is not an option when it comes to a healthy lawn! A minimum of one time per season is required to loosen soil and maintain a proper thatch level. We suggest aerating both spring and fall. Each season has different needs. Aeration
provides different benefits for each time of year. During the fall, the roots grow rapidly. Aerating at this time will open soil to allow the root system to expand, create new plants and thicken the turf. The plugs that are left behind provide a top dressing of good soil to the surface and help to break up thatch. In the spring, aeration provides the same benefits as in the fall, and
additionally will increase soil absorption during heavy rainfall, and allow fertilizer, air and sunlight to reach the root system. This will increase growth and vigor while reducing disease and pest activity.

Please contact us or request an estimate for aerating your property.

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