Fertilization Program

Proper fertilizing is the number one key element to a great looking lawn. Many homeowners make the mistake of following a  program sold at the local nursery or hardware store. The fact is that all lawns have different needs and there is no such thing as a one size fits all when it comes to properly feeding your lawn. Our fertilization program has been tried and tested for over 20 years to get results! We are one of the few who still use strictly GRANULAR fertilizers. Granules feed through the roots, and are not just sprayed on the leaf. The result is a slow released, steady and consistent feeding.

Fertilization ProgramUnlike LIQUID fertilizers, granules will not be mowed away, washed off, or wind drifted away during the application. The use of granular fertilizers also allows for a custom tailored application. You will not simply get what’s in the tank!

Our technicians are trained to know what your lawn needs for each and every application. When it comes to comparing us to the many other lawn care companies, your first question should be do they use liquid or granular fertilizers? If you do your own lawn care to save money, consider these benefits of having us do it:

  • Our service is guaranteed! If results don’t happen, re-treatments are always free.
  • Never will you have to guess what your lawn needs and risk buying the wrong product – we know!
  • When problems arise, we inspect and advise at no charge. That you won’t get from a bag.
  • No more storing chemicals in the garage! Does one bag EVER cover perfectly?
  • We treat for weeds and problems every time, not just once or twice a year.
  • We will advise you of watering and mowing properly based on current needs, not general rules!
  • When the weekend comes, your lawn will be green, healthy and weed free without taking your valuable time.
If you are already a valued customer and would like a price for turf and/or off lawn weed control, simply contact us. If you are not yet a customer, please request an estimate.

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