Shrub Trimming

Overgrown and unkept shrubs can make your property look neglected! To maintain good health and proper growth, most shrubs and ornamental trees require annual pruning.  Junipers and evergreens that become overgrown are highly susceptible to snow damage and may not be able to get back down to size without causing damage. Deciduous shrubs will not flower well if they are full of dead wood, damaged limbs etc.  Fruit trees will provide much higher yields and can be trained to
maintain their shape when properly pruned.

We are professionals!  Proper trimming and pruning takes lots of training, expertise and experience! Many do it yourselfers find that it is quite easy to damage their plantings. Executive Lawn Care has trained professionals to provide a neat, clean and healthy landscape. When we are done, all clippings and debris are hauled off and the property is meticulously cleaned up. We can do any job from major renovation to a simple fine pruning. For current customers, please contact us for more details and pricing. If you are not yet a customer, simply request an estimate.

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