Tree/Shrub Fertilization

Why Fertilize Trees and shrubs? Most of the plantings in our local landscape are not native to our area. Those that are, such as evergreens, are living in an environment very different than their natural setting. Fertilizing your ornamental trees and
shrubs will make a huge difference in the appearance and vigor of your landscape. When deep root feeding is done in the fall, your evergreens will be a healthier color, your fruit trees will produce more fruit, and flowering shrubs will flower with more blossoms! In nature, trees and shrubs rely on the leaves, pine needles and compost to provide nutrients. As
homeowners, we normally rake up and remove this compost, leaving our plants no source of  food. Deep root feeding will replace this much needed void and help to keep all of your plants strong and healthy.

How is it done?  There are many methods of feeding plants. From simply sprinkling granules, to inserting spikes, to injection feeding into the root system. Executive Lawn Care uses the most up to date methods of deep root feeding! We use a very high pressure pumping system, and an injection feeder. This method will place a slow release, liquid fertilizer in the feeder root zone where it can be immediately utilized. The slow release fertilizer, while more costly, will stabilize in the soil allowing consistent feeding for extended period of time. Our tree and shrub feeding is done in the fall. If you are already a customer, please contact us for more information. If you are not yet a valued customer, please request an estimateDO NOT allow your plants to go without this critical step in maintenance.

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