Weed Control

Nobody likes to have a property full of weeds! Not only are they unsightly, they are also the cause of many allergies, higher insect populations and cause damage to desirable plants and grass. There is no one time cure to get rid of weeds. Many believe that just one application of weed control in the spring will keep their property free and clear from these ugly pests. NOT SO! The fact is all situations are different and will require varied methods of control. Executive Lawn Care knows the most effective and safest methods to provide your home with a weed free environment.

We can control all pests that attack your lawn!

LAWN WEEDS:  Our Basic Lawn Care Program will control weeds in several ways. The #1 most effective, safest way to keep them out is a THICK AND HEALTHY LAWN! Weeds will not grow unless there is a space for them to pop up. Our comprehensive programs of fertilization, aeration and thatch control will maintain a low weed count with minimal need for pesticides.

When weeds do come up, we use the highest quality weed controls available to knock them down quick. Many lawns require a blanket application due to heavy weed population, others may just need spot treatment;. Our programs allow for custom tailored applications on each and every lawn to reduce pesticide use and still maintain outstanding control. Every lawn on our program will have a pre-emergent applied in the early spring to stop many grassy weeds before they even get started!

OFF LAWN WEEDS: We know that weeds are not only a problem in your lawn, they seem to thrive just about anywhere! A properties appearance will quickly deteriorate when weeds come up in rock or mulch beds, driveway and sidewalk cracks, play areas, along foundations, fence lines etc… Our Off Lawn Weed Control program is designed to stop them in their tracks! 4 times per year, we scout your property thoroughly, carefully treating the weeds and grasses growing where the shouldn’t be. As with all of our services, weed control is guaranteed! Don’t get caught pulling weeds after it is too late, let Executive Lawn Care monitor and control them for you. If you are already a valued customer and would like a price for off lawn weed control, simply contact us. If you are not yet a customer, please request an estimate.

OUR GUARANTEE:  Executive Lawn Care will provide free weed re-treatments at our customers request, when needed, in between the regular applications. (Must be on the full 6 treatment basic lawn care program).

You simply won’t have to put up with weeds!

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