Yard Clean Up

Is raking up leaves and pine needles your idea of a good weekend? For most homeowners it is not!

Executive Lawn Care specializes in getting your entire property neat and clean for the winter and next spring.

We simply don’t sweep down the middle; when it comes to property clean up. We rake, blow, clean, sweep every inch of your property to include lawn, flower beds, under shrubs, patios, rock, mulched areas…..the whole nine yards.¬† Of course, all debris is picked up and taken away. A final mowing of your turf is always done to provide that nice finished look.

Should you have special clean up needs such as native areas or scrub oak patches that need renovation, no problem! We can tackle the largest and smallest clean up services handed to us. We work year around, so don’t be afraid to call at anytime for your clean up needs. If you are already a customer, simply contact us for an estimate. If you are not a customer, please request an estimate¬†online.

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